FJ Strategic Solutions is a private North American-based company that offers specialized facilities management services for diversified building types including residential, commercial, and institutional and school buildings. Our company is committed to delivering the highest quality of service and most effective solutions from simple to complex buildings. Our areas of expertise encompass various fields ranging from facilities management, risk management, green construction, reserve study to life cycle analyses.

John Erlandson, IE, MSBA, PRA.

John Erlandson serves as Chief Executive Officer at FJ Strategic, providing leadership to the organization. His responsibilities include supervision of the costing, accounting, financial reporting and funding models of all work products. Additionally, he maintains oversight responsibility for the corporate office and support staff.

He obtained his Masters of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) degree from Saint Mary’s and a Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering from California State University at East Bay. In addition, he has achieved the Association of Professional Reserve Analysists (APRA) National designation of Professional Reserve Analyst (PRA).

John Erlandson, Chief Executive Officer of FJ Strategic

Farel Miankodila, Chief Operating Officer of FJ Strategic

Farel Miankodila, M.Sc., P.Eng., LEED AP.

Farel Miankodila is a co-founder of FJ Strategic and serves as Chief Operating Officer at FJ Strategic. He hold a Masters of Science in Engineering and Construction Management from California State University. He is also a registered Professional Engineer who has extensive experience in construction management, risk management, reserve studies, construction materials and life cycle analyses. He has been involved in multiple large to small-scale projects including hospitals, residential construction, schools, commercial buildings, laboratory and demolition projects. Farel has conducted research in fields of preventative maintenance in the United States and Canada.

Some of Farel’s budgeting experience encompass funding analyses, cash flow predictions, sensitivity and scenario analyses, strategic management of resources, Monte Carlo modeling, financial risk assessments and life cycle costing.

Dzimitry Markouski, PhD.

Dzimitry Markouski serves as Chief Information Officer at FJ Strategic. He leads the overall information technology strategy for the company as well as directing teams in the specific areas of planning, architecture, enterprise applications, infrastructure, operations, IT security & risk management as well as IT procurement.

Dzimitry has extensive experience in both computer science and engineering fields, having a strong academic background he has conducted research in risk and reliability engineering and data science. He comes as a seasoned veteran having developed innovative data-driven solutions access industry leading companies in the fields of manufacturing, marketing, finance and healthcare.

Dzimitry Markouski, Chief Information Officer at FJ Strategic

Mission and Goals.

FJ Strategic Solutions Inc. focuses on providing cost-effective solutions with emphasis to economic, environmental, and social goals.

We believe in continuous innovation and refining of processes to make building professionals and owners strategic managers.

We Value Our Clients.

Our company is committed to constantly innovate and implement green building practices. We are passionate to always strive to come up with the most sustainable choices and risk mitigation strategies shaped to exceed the goals established by our partners and clients. We value the privacy of our clients and all information received is kept confidential. Visit our Privacy Statement page to know how we manage your information.

We prioritize teamwork approaches and highly-collaborative procedures that promote synergic solutions. We value open-communication patterns and work together to achieve specific business and social targets. FJ Strategic Solutions Inc. endeavors to always leave clients satisfied and happy for having contributed in their own successes.