Make your reserve study a living document.

We make capital reserve planning easy. Your community associations property is an asset. Protect it with our reserve study application.

Keep Costs Down

Extremely high return on investment by providing you, board members and the community powerful tools at the fraction of the cost of other providers.

Maintain Reserves

Helps you maintain required reserve funding levels without increasing assessments by running “what if” scenarios allowing you to schedule expensive capital repairs with the least impact to assessments.

Homeowner Interaction

Homeowners can feel part of the community by providing them with read only access to view the reserve study and the financial health of the community.

Why Choose FJ Strategic?

How we can help?

Key Features.

  • Publish reports and mandatory disclosures
  • Create detailed capital reserve budgets
  • Compare cash flow models
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • One click action for batch updates and other events
  • Generate “what if” scenarios
  • Archive your records with previous year’s budget
  • Change assessment amount ratio with different metrics
  • Compare year-by-year snapshots of key metrics
  • Generate 30-year expenditure projections
  • Analyze the potential impact of inflation and interest

Empowering you to make sound financial decisions.

  • Improve budgeting and forecasting accuracy
  • Make better capital allocation decisions
  • Prevent underfunding reserves
  • Gain clarity into your true financial condition
  • Prevent or reduce “surprise” assessments
  • Improve fiduciary service standards
  • Maintain consistency when boards transition
  • Provide more control

It’s Easy To Use.

You Can Prepare & Complete The Report Yourself Or, If You Prefer, We’ll Do The Work For You. Simply Enter The Property Specific Information

  • E.g. Common Elements, Building Age, Current Reserve Study Account Balance

Reporting engine will generate 3 Funding Plans:

  • Current
  • Full
  • Threshold

It’s Available At A Price Both You And Your Clients Will Like

No matter who you are, we’ve got what you need.

Board Member

Private clients

Manage and see only your community.

Property Manager


Manage All your communities in one place.

Reserve Specialist

Professional Firms

Conduct your reserve study more effectively & efficiently.

Just Four Easy Steps to Create Your Reserve Study or Funding Update.

Step 1

Purchase your subscription ($30 Monthly)

Free Demo

Step 2 : Component List

Enter or upload component list. We can assist you with this process at no extra cost.

Step 3 : Create Funding Plans

Add starting balance, interest and inflation assumptions. Funding plans can now be calculated.

Step 4 : Generate Report

Generate reports
and disclosures to distribute to members.

“I was very impressed with the reporting, component entry, charts and graphs.”

Property Manager,
Riverview RV Resort

“It was a very simple and straight-forward process! Your company has developed an excellent product for small HOAs to meet their reserve study requirements.”

Board President,
More Mesa Shores HOA

“After subscription, I found it easy to use and perfect for our needs.”

Board President,
Domicile Consulting LLC

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