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Offering the most powerful reserve study software in the industry for only $195 annually

FJ Strategic is committed to simplifying the reserve study process by providing a secure, cloud-based application where users can create and explore different funding plans, replacement scenarios, generate pdf reports and disclosures

The DIY Reserve Study and Funding Update Process

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Step 1: Purchase Kit

Purchase using the link above.  After purchase you will then get a unique login to start using the application.

Step 2: Build Component List

Enter your component list into the application. Our industry experts are able to assist you with this process at no extra cost.


Step 3: Create Funding Plans

Add starting balance, interest and inflation assumptions. Current, threshold and full funding plans can now be calculated.


Step 4: Generate Report

Generate reports and disclosures specific to your state's regulations.


Did you know that poor budgeting may lead to higher monthly assessments, underfunded reserves, and lack of clarity into the financial condition of your property? 

The DIY Reserve Study application empowers enterprising Board members and Managers to cost-effectively create their own Reserve Studies.

This application can be used to create a Reserve Study for the first time or to update an existing Reserve Study. For most organizations, updates to an existing reserve study are generally much easier to perform as the reserve component inventory is typically unchanged.

The DIY Reserve application was developed as an application for HOAs and community association leaders to perform the analysis, develop sound funding plans and generate disclosure notes which are required by law in several states. 

Features Include

  • Advanced logic: Model one time expenditures, deferred components, loans and special assessments
  • Component Input: Upload the component list from Excel using our template
  • Scenario modeling: Run up to five different scenarios
  • PDF generator: Generate reports and mandatory disclosures specific to your state's regulations
  • Three funding models: Compare Current, Full Funding and Threshold funding cash flow models
  • Expenditure schedules: 30 year expenditure projections including impact of inflation
  • Percent funded: Calculate current percent funded as well as projected percent funded for each of the funding models
  • Fixed and Variable Assessments: Change assessment amounts based on ratio of ownership interest or unit size

Why choose DIY Reserve application:

  1. Cost effective

  2. Make updates throughout the year instead of spending many hours updating once a year.

  3. Allow us to import your component list at no additional cost

  4. Built by experienced professionals who are PRA's


    Try before you buy!  Click here to access a demo version of the application

    Easy to Read Dashboard

    Generate Custom Funding Plans

    Tabular and Graphical Results

    This Online Reserve Study Application has been developed with many more substantial features then you will find elsewhere at the same cost

     Click any image below for a larger view and a slide show

    Competitor Analysis

    We so strongly believe in the value of our product and service that we invite you to check out some of our competitors 

    FJ Strategic
    Strategic Reserves Association Reserves Reserve Study Consultants WIN Reserve Simplify Condo Reserves
    Cost $195 $369 $349 $395 $795 $299
    Platform Online Claims to be web based
    however Mac users need
    to install Windows OS
    None, For the D.I.Y reserve
    study kit reports are created
    Excel Based Windows based
    Excel Based
    Data Backups Automatic Backups Automatic
    ? No No No
    Software Updates Automatic ? No Must be sent to individual ? Must be sent to individual
    Scenario Manager/
    Archive historical
    Reserve Studies
    Yes Yes No No ? No
    PDF Report Output Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
    Built by Professional
    Reserve Analysts
    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No



    More Mesa Shores HOA

    It was a very simple and straight-forward process! I ran a report and it all looks great!


    Riverview RV Resort

    I was very impressed with the reporting, component entry, charts and graphs.


    Domicile Consulting LLC

    After subscription, I found it easy to use and perfect for our needs.

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