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I'm pleased to announce the release of our enterprise version of the reserve study application. Specific for property management firms and reserve study companies who want to share their reserve study with clients and allow them to view or edit their reserve study anytime in the cloud. Administrators can create associations and manage users using role-based access controls to limit the access clients have to the platform. See below video for more to see a demo of the functionality. Contact us to get started! 

Just Four Easy Steps to Create Your Reserve Study or Funding Update 

Step 2: Build Component List

Enter or upload component list. We can assist you with this process at no extra cost.


Step 3: Create Funding Plans

Add starting balance, interest and inflation assumptions. Funding plans can now be calculated.


Step 4: Generate Report

Generate reports and disclosures to distribute to members.

This online reserve study application has been developed with many more substantial features that you wont find anywhere else


We simplify the reserve study process, allowing even small boards to accomplish these critical objectives: 

  • Improve budgeting and forecasting accuracy
  • Make better capital allocation decisions
  • Prevent underfunding reserves
  • Prevent or reduce “surprise” assessments
  • Gain clarity into your HOA’s or condo association’s true financial condition
  • Improve fiduciary service standards
  • Maintain consistancy when boards transition
  • Provide more control. Run scenarios at your leisure, rather than the outside consultant’s

We combine the sophisticated financial analysis tools formerly available only to the consultants, and make them available to you, the board members of small-to-medium-sized HOAs saving your owner/members thousands of dollars in the process. 

With our secure, cloud-based platform you can:


  • Create detailed capital reserve budgets
  • Compare current, threshold or full-funding cash flow models
  • Easily input components using our upload interface
  • Run batch updates, updating the remaing life of all components with one click
  • Generate up to five “what if” scenarios
  • Publish reports and mandatory disclosures 
  • Keep a system of record by archiving previous year's budget 
  • Change assessment amounts based on ratio of ownership interest or unit size
  • Compare year-by-year snapshots of key metrics
  • Generate 30-year expenditure projections
  • Analyze the potential impact of inflation and interest so you can plan accordingly

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From our clients


More Mesa Shores HOA

It was a very simple and straight-forward process! Your company has developed an excellent product for small HOAs to meet their reserve study requirements.

Riverview RV Resort

I was very impressed with the reporting, component entry, charts and graphs.

Domicile Consulting LLC

After subscription, I found it easy to use and perfect for our needs.