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Subscription to the online application will be renewed on a yearly basis unless you notify us that you would like to cancel before the renewal date.

Reserve Study Application - Single Association

Built for associations who want to prepare & update reports!

Reserve Study Application - Multiple Client

Built for businesses who want to prepare & update reports! Create up to 30 reports, Perfect for...

  • CPAs
  • Developers
  • Engineering Firms
  • Inspection Companies

Reserve Study Application -  Enterprise Version w/ Multiple Client

Built for businesses who want to share results with their clients by providing them with a customized report and unique login to access their reserve study, Perfect for...

  • Property Management Firms
  • Reserve Study Specialists/Companies
  • TimeShare & Resort Management Firms

$195.00 Per Year! No additional fees or add ons. You won't find this anywhere else

$899.00 Per Year

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$40 Per tenant per Quarter. Minimum 10 tenant commitment

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Reserve Study with Site Visit 


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FJ Strategic Solutions Inc. focuses on providing the best cost-effective solutions to our clients in order to achieve the triple bottom line: economic, social and environmental goals. We value the importance of on-going tracking and preventative planning practices.

We believe in building strong relationships and making building professionals strategic managers.