FJ Strategic Solutions Inc's (FJS) Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand how we manage data, confidential and personal information. We value our Clients privacy and security. We are committed to ensuring that all information shared with us is used in conformance with applicable  Personal Information Protection Acts, and within agreed terms and scopes. FJS strives to continuously provide you with better services; therefore, it reserves the right to retain data collected, evaluations and reports for future services. No information will be shared with anyone without explicit agreement from our Clients.

Requests can be sent to FJS to make changes to personal data and other information at any time. At FJS, the safeguard of the security is critical. We are devoted to make sure that no information gets altered, corrupted or destroyed by unauthorized access of external sources. However, our Company does not control every single risks involved in the functioning of the internet. FJS cannot be held responsible for the content or display of those third party sources. Security features will be used to authenticate our Customers prior to sharing of information (e.g. secure sign in, phone numbers etc.). FJS may share personal data among our controlled subsidiaries and vendors to complete contractual activities (financial transactions, promotional).



It may occur that promotional emails be sent to our Customers based on data collected via Internet in order to significantly improve their experience, customize services provided and ensure their needs are effectively addressed. They can willingly participate to our communication program and also opt out from it by simply responding to our advertisements. Reserve Studies (Contingency Reserve Fund Studies), Life Cycle Costing and Risk Analyses may require tthe collection of data from third party providers in order to personalize studies and outcomes. These data can include, but not limited to, the location, applicable regulations, scientificly-proven methods etc. The use of our website implies that you consent to our company's Privacy Policy. Updates are directly made on this page (last update: 09/30/2016).