Finally! the answer to overpriced DIY reserve study kits is here.

Many HOA’s are forced to pay many hundreds of dollars just to do a simple funding update to prepare yearly disclosure notes which often times takes an analyst just a few minutes to create. This kind of overbilling was recognized by the founders who created, built with the intent to compete head to head with more well-known reserve study providers such as association reserves.

At a cost of only $195 vs. an industry average price of $350 you can have access to our powerful internet-based reserve study software. This trusted program can be used to confirm assessments, review reserves and effectively contribute in the development of financial strategies with PDF Reserve Study reports instantly generated by a simple click.
Some of features provided by this software include (but not limited to): Establishment of an expenditure schedule including inflation projections, evaluation of the impact of special assessments, creating regular replacement and repair schedules and the ability to run what-if modeling scenarios including analyzing the impact of deferring components and adding one-time expenditures.

There is no easier DIY reserve study software available on the market. If you’re looking to save money, easily update your component list, create a report that is easy to read, and fulfill your HOA’s legal obligations. Visit today!

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